Ready to buy a house for your family? Buyers with children are on the lookout for kid-friendly features. But do you know all the things you should check for? If you have little ones, here's what you need to know before you buy a place you might regret.

No. 1, bedroom placement. Obviously, you're looking for a house with enough bedrooms for your kids, but you also need to factor in where those bedrooms are. You might want a layout where your kids' bedrooms are close to your own, or you might need a floor in between your bedrooms for some much-needed peace and quiet.

No. 2, a backyard in view. Having a yard is important, but you don't necessarily want to go outside every time your kids go outside. So to avoid this, check how much of the yard you can see from indoors.

No. 3, hot spots. How your home is heated is important for more than one reason. You definitely don't want your kids to get accidentally burned. Radiators and fireplaces can get piping hot. And while they're cozy, they're also dangerous for kids with wandering hands.

No. 4, amenities within walking distance. If you want the ability to walk to places with the kids, this should go on your checklist. Check out the neighborhood and see what's nearby. Can you walk to restaurants and stores? It'll also save you from having to pack up strollers and bags into your car.

No. 5, your new neighbors. Every parent's worst nightmare involves moving into a house and finding out there's an offender next door. Play it safe and be sure to look at national offender public websites, which allow you to see the locations of any potential offenders in the neighborhood.

Before you write an offer on a home that has any of these concerns, make sure you bring it up with your Realtor. They'll be able to walk you through any possible fixes.