Tackling Expired Listings


Remember  "The power is in the listing."

A lot of  power in expired listings. Other practitioners in our industry  wouldn't touch them, leaving the door wide open for those who would. "Expired listings were a gold for agents then, and they still are". Market yourselves heavily to sellers of expired listings. Our  credo: "We sell listings other agents can't."

Here is a  tips for approaching expired listings in your market:

Hunt through the MLS. 

Be selective. 

Approach owners in a memorable way. "Don't JUST cold-call or door-knock," preferable to send an attractive package that includes a company brochure, testimonials, market conditions, and a personal letter. It's all should be printed on fancy cotton paper and sent in company  envelopes.

Identify why the property hasn't sold yet. Before taking on a listing,  interview your potential new clients and analyze the property on their own to prioritize what must be done.
Get Creative with marketing. " Marketing is not about ads; it's about telling a story.
Facts tell, stories sell," start by taking hundreds of property photos - sometimes even
aerial shots - and selecting about a twenty of the best to feature on the MLS. Also 
blog about the listings on your own Website, facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google circle etc. anywhere you could!